20 Skills That Make a Customer Service Champion

20 Skills That Make a Customer Service Champion

Working in the customer service industry, one must be armed with the right set of skills to meet the customers’ needs with excellence. Otherwise, your company’s customer service is at stake. And when you have been in the frontline, you will agree with us that customer service is not for the faint-hearted.

In creating a customer service delivery that will win your customers every time, you have to take into account the customer service skills of the people in your team. Here is a checklist of 20 skills that your team must have to make sure they become a customer service champion:

  1. Empathetic Listening. It’s in the tone, in the facial expression, in the gestures of the customer service representative. Customers love to be heard and to be understood. They want to know that the person they are talking to feels what they feel, and truly listens to what they are saying. Your team must have empathy for customers and always think that customers are people needing your care and assistance.
  2. Patience. Dealing with various kinds of customer day in and day out need a great deal of patience from customer service people. Patience is also needed when you are fixing an issue, especially if it is challenging or recurring.
  3. Good Communication. Speaking clearly, enunciating words properly, and using the right terms at the right time are very important details when communicating with customers about procedures, resolving issues or even appeasing their frustrations. This also includes being able to use positive language and turning a frustrating situation to a pleasant customer experience.
  4. Alertness. Even when you have mastered the processes of your customer service delivery, you can’t be complacent when attending to your customers. You need to be alert, always be on the look-out at what the customer is saying and not saying. It is with this skill you catch areas in your customer service that are normally overlooked.
  5. Proactive. Being one step ahead makes a whole lot of difference in customer service. It speeds up issue resolution, shows value to customer’s time and gives you edge from among other competitors.
  6. Goal-oriented. This is vital you have specific metrics to meet to measure your effectiveness in serving customers. This skill will help contribute to the overall motivation of your company to provide quality customer support.
  7. Adaptability. Customer service, no matter how predictable it may seem, will always have surprises every now and then. To be adaptable is rising up to whatever unforeseen circumstance that may throw your business off-guard and overcoming it with the right attitude and still able to deliver service with satisfying results.
  8. Engaging. This is a skill as much as it is a natural ability. For front line customer service personnel, this is essential to be able to connect with customer and easily attract them to come back again. Customers love it when personal interaction as they feel there is a “human touch” behind the brand they patronize.
  9. Efficient Multitasking. It takes a good multi-tasker to do more than two things at the same time, like talking to a customer while navigating the support system tool. Multi-tasking also shows time management skills. Especially during peak seasons where the influx of customers can be overwhelming and you are short-staffed, multi-taskers understand the meaning of attending to as many customers as possible in the shortest time available.
  10. Resourcefulness. Discovering many ways to deliver solutions to customers spells value for customer care. It is finding possible fixes, even when the expected resolve fails, to ensure that customer will leave happy and satisfied.
  11. Persuasion. A persuasive customer service rep will always make sure that every individual they serve will be a repeat customer. They can make customers patronize your product without hard-selling it, share in your advocacies without insisting it, and make them come back for more without being obtrusive.
  12. Interpersonal skills. Customer service takes a team of people working together to provide every customer with a positive experience. One must be able to work effectively as an individual but at the same time cooperate with others to achieve goals. They are able to handle office relations with ease and professionalism and give out great customer service results.
  13. Tenacity. Steadfast in customer service duties, trying to outdo oneself and not giving in to complacency. It is the tenacious ones that customers rely on. Customers’ trust is won when they see the determination to deliver excellence packaged in every interaction you have with them.
  14. Teachability. This is significant because customer service is an every growing learning experience, especially when it comes to providing customer the best service. You do not settle on your laurels, instead you continually accommodate lessons, modifications and improvements to meet your goal in delivering an above and beyond customer service experience.
  15. Proficient Product Knowledge. Customers go to you because you are the expert. They know the ins and outs of procedures, specifications and technicalities of a product—basically adept everything about what they offer to customers.
  16. Discernment. When given autonomy in handling customer service relations, having this skill is vital. A person with this skill knows how to bend to provide customer satisfaction without compromising the company’s best interests. They can also “read” customers which enables them to address them accordingly.
  17. Speed. Time is highly valuable in the industry of customer service. Hence, providing customer support in a quick and efficient manner is what customers want. This is where excellent social media customer service skills must also be considered.
  18. Accuracy. Partnered with one’s speed skill must be the accuracy of carrying out tasks. There should be no room for error when dealing with customers’ concerns. There is less recurrence of problems because all issues are addressed correctly the first time.
  19. Grace Under Pressure. Regardless if the pressure is from the customer or the workload, a good customer service person can handle it with grace and won’t crack even in an intense situation. Instead, these people can keep a calm demeanor while managing the customer or the task at hand.
  20. Leadership. The capability of offering new solutions for customers and shows a take-charge attitude especially in tensioned situations displays a potential leader in your organization that can help innovate your customer service approach.

Create a team of customer service champions with these 20 must-have customer service skills which ensures a positive experience for your customers.

Nowadays, the traditional landline phone customer service that businesses have may not serve your customers well—considering that we’re living in the technology era. Having customer support in other types of network such as through online and mobile are some of the customer assistance services we have, which can take your entire customer service to a whole new level. Learn more!

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