Be More Productive Working From Home

How to Be More Productive Working From Home

Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

It is one thing to work from home, and it is a whole different scenario to have a home office that inspires productivity. However, as more companies and professionals embrace the concept of working from home, you have to place more focus on your remote workspace. This is primarily because an office setting demands several specifics for it to meet the required threshold to support workflow and productivity. As such, it takes much more than having a desk and a chair for you to enjoy a suitable work environment that allows you to meet your deliverables.

When designing your home office, it counts to go beyond the bare minimum by striving to have a highly functional and comfortable workspace. The good news is that you do not need to overspend when creating your workspace at home, as all you need is the right ideas and a little dedication (well, maybe slightly more). Here, we look at the exciting home office ideas that are guaranteed to inspire productivity and make working from home bliss.

Focus is key.
Focus is key.

1.   Stay away from distractions

There is still a huge debate on whether employees who work from home are more productive than those who work from an office. But, even as researchers try to figure more about these different work environments, one thing remains clear – disruptions affect both. You would never accomplish anything in your office if, after every five minutes, there was someone to interrupt you with non-work-related issues. The same applies when you are working from home as you have a family that will easily interrupt you if you do not set boundaries.

This is why when you are thinking about your home office, the number one consideration should be ease in creating physical boundaries. For example, you are always better off setting your home office in your bedroom if it is the quietest place in your home rather than using a section of your sitting room where the children play all day. Also, remember having a workspace where you can close the door and focus on your duties will easily get you in a good work mode.

2.   Natural light is a blessing.

Have you considered the position or availability of windows in the space you want to convert to a home office? Natural light is very important to us as it helps reduce eye fatigue, prevents headaches, and gives us a boost of vitamin D. You will also have the feel-good vibe when you work in a room that has the right flow of light, which will brighten your days. While this does not mean that you have to set your workstation by the windows, it counts to work in a room that allows you to take advantage of natural light.

3.   Color is magical

Color goes a long way in defining any space. All it takes is a good paint job and the right combination of colors for a dull room that looked small to become lively while looking larger instantly. This is why you need to think about those walls before you rush to set up your workstation. As a rule, always go for colors that positively impact your mood. The best choices are always calming shades or bright and stimulating colors for a trendy and stylish touch if you are lost for choice.

4.   Think comfort

To be super productive, you can never make compromises when it comes to the comfort of your home office. Forget about that chair you love to sit on when you need to complete some work in an hour or less, you need a setting that accommodates long-term work. This is why you need to invest in an ergonomically designed office chair and desk that fits the available space. You will also need a soft floor covering, either a rug or carpet, that will make you extra comfortable.

5.   Storage, storage, storage

It is easy to forget about your storage requirements when creating a home office until you realize that your work desk is too disorganized. To avoid making this mistake, always create storage spaces in strategic places within your home office. If you have an entire room that will exclusively function as an office, you need to invest in large-sized cabinets to accommodate all those files. On the other hand, if your workspace has other functions, you can always use floating shelves and small-sized cabinets that can fit in small spaces.

6.   Invest in a work board and add flare with some art or plants

Tablet and planner in front of meeting room in the office
Tablet and planner in front of meeting room in the office

You need some focus, and what better way to start your day at the office than having a clear outline of what needs to be accomplished. Investing in a work board will easily allow you to keep tabs on the important duties or goals that need to be achieved. This does not have to be a large board, but one that can easily be noticed immediately when you step into your home office. If you still have space after setting up your work board, then you can always add some art pieces or portraits to make your workspace exciting. Playing around with potted plants will also make your workspace more inviting and calming, which are the perfect recipes for better creativity.

7.   Go small but large

You do not need to have a large space to create a functional home office that inspires productivity. Most homes are limited in space, and this means having to use every available square foot intelligently. This is why you need to think both horizontally and vertically while avoiding any unnecessary additions. For example, modern work tables that have shelves can help you solve two problems at a go. This is because you will have space to work and space to store your files and hang plants or decorative pieces.

8.   Think beyond one

Many people who work from home make the mistake of only thinking about their needs. You are better off thinking beyond one as this is the secret to creating a unique work environment that suits everyone. This way, you will not crowd your space as you will only stick to the essentials allowing you to have room for some comfy seats or a coach for visitors or relaxation.


It takes a lot to create the optimal office space that offers the perfect balance of comfort and productivity. The good news is that this is not impossible as all it takes is the focus on the aspects that really matter. We help you overcome any hurdles when looking for the best home office ideas that will inspire productivity by outlining the factors that will help you create the perfect workspace.

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