How can I make my home office look good?

How can I make my home office look good?

Working from home has become the new normal. This has largely been due to the overflowing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and technological advancements that have triggered a change in business operations. Even as the world strives to get beyond the pandemic, working remotely has become essential for companies and workers. This is because with the 9 to 5 boundaries being broken down, flexibility has become the defining strength of the business or professional who wants to achieve more. As such, adjusting to working from home has become critical for anyone who wants to remain productive outside the traditional office environment.

However, to work from home, you need to create a proper environment that will make it easier for you to get work done. This brings us to the most fundamental question – what does it take to make your home office look good? Here, we go through all the important steps to carving out the perfect workspace within your home.

1.   Location matters

Before you start worrying about how you will make your home office look good, you need to critically think about its location. Since this is where you will be putting in a good number of hours each day, there are mistakes you cannot afford to make. For example, the space below the staircase might offer enough room for a desk and chair, but how will you deal with the never-ending traffic and irritatingly squeaky stairs?

To ensure you do not make any mistakes when selecting a location for the home office, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this space prone to lots of distractions?
  • What is the traffic flow?
  • How quiet or private is this room or space?
  • Will I be expecting clients or co-workers to stop by?
  • Is it convenient for my family’s lifestyle?

By taking time to carefully choose the location of your home office, you will effortlessly create an ideal space for productivity. The last thing you need is to spend a lot of money and time creating a home office that does not suit your preferences or inconveniences the entire family.

2.   Start with a blank canvas.

Like an artist, your best works need to start with a blank canvas. This is why after choosing the location for your home office, you need to do the most sensible thing, and that is clearing the space. Have in mind that this does not mean you do not need some of the items in the room. It only allows you to have a clearer picture of how much space you have and consequently create a highly functional and attractive home office through careful planning.

3.   Focus on the walls and floor first

Once you have an empty room or cleared out space for your home office, attention should be on the walls and floor. Your workspace needs to be inspiring, and a little paint job always does the trick. On the other hand, if you do not want the hassle of painting your walls, you can always invest in good-looking wallpapers. Always remember you are better off settling for calming or stimulating colors that get you into a good mood for work.

Next, you need to focus on the floor, which means getting a soft rug or carpet that complements the walls. A wall-to-wall carpet or rug that covers most of the space is always the best choice as it creates a consistent theme that is easy to accessorize. You will also have something soft underfoot that makes you more comfortable.

Office chair and a fig tree
Office chair and a fig tree

4.   Invest in your comfort

Now that you have a good-looking space with customized walls and floors that give you the right vibe, it is time to consider your working requirements. It is always tempting to pick your favorite chair and that desk that has not been used for ages for your workstation, but this is a big mistake. As a rule, you need to invest in the right office desk that fits your space and workflow. If you are limited in budget, you must not strain to invest in an executive desk (a good option if you have a big space and a suitable budget) as there are lots of affordable and contemporary options suited for the modern workspace.

Most importantly, you need the right office chair that is not only appealing but ergonomically designed for your comfort. Remember, you will be spending several hours sitting, and you need a chair that offers lumbar support, height adjustable, and comfortable.

5.   Do not forget about the lighting.

It is easy to overlook the lighting of a home office, forgetting how important it is to your workflow. You need the flexibility of working during the day or at night without any challenges. This means during the day, you need to utilize natural light by strategically positioning your desk and chair to receive ample light from windows. Equally, you cannot exclusively rely on existing overhead lights as you need a task light such as a pendant lamp, desk lamp, or overhead fixtures. These lights will not only be stylish but add much-needed functionality to your workspace.

6.   Accessorize intelligently

You need much more than a desk and chair to have a complete workstation. The odds are higher if you will be working remotely most of the time as you will need lots of office supplies that need to be properly stored. To intelligently utilize your space think vertically and horizontally when thinking about accessorizing your home office. You are better off going for floating shelves or having a tall cabinet with glass doors for storing most work-related files. This will ensure your desk is very organized and you never run out of space for storing valuables.

7.   Do not be boring

The fact that you need a workspace does not mean that you need to be boring. Lighten up your home office by playing about with art pieces, some lovely plants, or framed portraits of your family for that extra motivation.

8.   Think about others

Finally, you need to think about other people who are likely to use or visit your home office. This means you need to have comfy chairs that can be used by your family, co-workers, or clients whenever necessary.


Making your home office look good should be a priority as it needs to be a highly functional work environment that boosts your productivity. This does not necessarily have to be an expensive venture but needs to be a well-thought-out venture that delivers outstanding results. 

Luckily for you, we have narrowed down some of the most practical steps you can take when creating your home workspace.

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