How to Set Up the Perfect Office at Home

While there are many perks to working from home, there are also many challenges. You may be struggling with productivity or inspiration.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to set up a home office that is both functional and comfortable, making work simpler and more productive. Here’s all you need to know.

Home Office Layout

First, consider the best layout for your home office.

At a minimum, you’ll need a flat surface such as a desk or table, a comfortable chair, and WiFi.

You may also need a printer, filing cabinet, and additional storage for office supplies.

Choose a spot near a sunny window to keep energy levels high during the usual afternoon slump. A nice, quiet spot away from noise and distractions is ideal.

Home office decor
Home office decor

Home Office Furniture

When selecting furniture for your home office, look for quality and comfort over aesthetics. While you can certainly find a desk that’s functional and beautiful, practicality is most important.

Look for a desk chair that’s supportive, ergonomic, and adjustable. Choose one with rolling wheels if you need to move frequently throughout the workday.

Your desk should be an appropriate height for a computer monitor and keyboard. Alternatively, you can find a standing desk which may offer a few health benefits such as lower blood pressure.

Home Office Essentials

Once you’ve picked out furniture, it’s time to focus on a few more office ideas for home. 

First, invest in a quality power strip. You’ll likely need multiple outlets for all your electronics, and a power strip keeps everything safely organized.

You should also purchase a mouse pad and mouse, an ergonomic keyboard for your computer, and a few cable clips to keep your chargers mounted to the desk so they’re easy to find.

You might also need printer ink and paper, paper clips, staples and a stapler, assorted pens and pencils, and other standard office supplies.

Office at Home Design

Now that you’ve got the essentials, it’s time to focus on design. While a functional office is important, a beautiful space helps inspire creativity. Take a little extra time to create a home office that’s warm and inviting.

Add a few succulents or potted plants. A cozy rug helps keep your feet warm and comfy as you work. A lumbar pillow provides extra support where you need it, and framed photos make your work area feel more personalized.

You can also add a few fun touches such as a himalayan salt lamp, an oil diffuser, or a candle.

Small Home Office Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of space to dedicate to your home office, don’t worry. You can still have a lovely space that functions well as your dedicated home office. Here are a few ideas that can help:

Find a window.

Placing your desk in front of a window immediately makes the area feel more spacious.

Use a closet.

Consider cleaning out a closet so you can convert the area into a small office. It’s an easy, practical solution.

Add a curtain.

If you don’t have a separate area, section off part of your living area or bedroom with a curtain. This adds a bit of privacy for working hours.

Try the hallway.

If all else fails, use the end of your hallway as a workstation. These spaces are seldom used for anything else, and they’re usually large enough for a small desk.

Tips for Working From Home Effectively

While these are all great office ideas for home, even the best office space won’t automatically make you more productive. If you struggle to work effectively at home, try these ideas:

Dress for the Day

It’s easy to roll out of bed and start working in your pajamas, but that won’t make you more productive. Instead, take a shower and get dressed just like you would before heading into the office.

Take a Walk

If there’s no transition between your home tasks and your work tasks, consider taking a walk before you start the workday. This helps clear your mind from chores and focuses your thoughts on the work day ahead.

Create Firm Boundaries

Sometimes other people are the problem. If your family members or roommates don’t respect your working hours, it’s time to set firm boundaries. Put your phone on silent, shut the door, and remind people you’re not available during working hours. After a while, they’ll start respecting your time so you can focus on work.

Take a Break

It’s easy to get wrapped up in work, but that doesn’t necessarily make you more productive. To make sure you’re working at peak efficiency, schedule breaks throughout the day to reset your thoughts and recharge.

Working from home has its limitations, but you can overcome the obstacles. Use the tips in this guide to create a home office that boosts productivity—and looks great, too!

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