Small Home Office Ideas

Big Ideas for Small Home Offices

Are you worried that you live in a small place and cannot afford to convert an entire room into a home office? Or, is the only available room too small and you are worried it might not suit your requirements? You do not have to worry anymore as there are hundreds of small office ideas that you could embrace and make the most from your limited space. Here, we look at the most practical ideas you could embrace when you want a highly functional home office but have limited space.

1.   Think outside the box

You do not need an entire room for you to create a small home office as there are lots of places in a home that allow you to squeeze one. So, before you start turning your house over trying to create space for a home office, you could try out these ideas:

  • Utilize the space under the stairs.

One of the most awkward spaces in a home that you can put into good use is the space under your staircase. We always consider these spaces to be too small, but they are never as narrow as we think. These spaces are often enough to fit a small-sized office desk and chair, which gives you sufficient space to have a home office. As an extra plus, you will have lots of vertical space that you can use to place vertical shelves for the storage of work-related files.

  • Make use of that corner in the living room.

Your living room probably has enough space for you to make a small home office. Take that corner space that is hardly ever used and transform it into your workspace. By going to the periphery of your living room, you get to have the optimal advantage of more privacy. This way, it becomes harder to be distracted while working, and it becomes better when you set up by the window enjoying all that natural light.

  • Establish your office in the entryway or mudroom

If there is a space that is never fully utilized in a home, then it is the entryway or mudroom. This is because they are only viewed as entry and exit points that cannot be used for much. However, if you have a generously sized entryway or mudroom, then you can always use this space to create a small home office. It becomes better if you have an alcove in your entryway or mudroom as it makes it easier to set up your tiny office.

  • Take the desk to your bedroom.

Your bedroom is definitely a quiet space free from any interruptions, making it an ideal place for your work desk. All you need to do is make use of the space by the side of your bed or that corner with little to no use. However, you need a little creativity while doing this as you should not make your bedroom look too stuffy, especially if it is already filled with lots of items. Strive to scale down on the items in your room before you convert part of it into your working space.

  • Go to the basement

You can always take the show to your basement, which is often an unused area in a home. While this space can be quite dark, all you need is to be creative by adding warm colors, bright decorations, and lighting. Your choice of office furniture will also go a long way in making this otherwise dull room quite exciting to work in.

work from home
work from home

2.   Double functionality works

If you do not have the privilege of having a dedicated workspace even when you set up a small home office, then you need to focus on double functionality. For example, you can convert that unused closet space into a small home office. The best part is that you can still close the door when you are done, and it remains to be a closet. You can also opt for a work desk that can be opened to become a table, and when closed, it still remains to be a desk. Equally, you can settle for a stowaway study that can be closed and open.

3.   Be creative in your storage.

It is never enough to use unused or “dead” spaces to create a small home office as you need to consider the availability of storage space. Luckily for you, there are many ways to create sufficient storage space without interrupting the form, theme, and functionality of the room you work in. For example, if you use the living room, you can use that bookshelf, hanging shelves/desks, or Ottoman with inbuilt storage. Unused cabinets also come in handy when you need to get creative with your storage while still keeping your home free from any further additions.

4.   Go minimalist with the furniture.

The secret to making your small home office better suited for functionality is to go minimalist with the furniture. Since you are limited in space, you need to make it look like you have more space than is really available. Avoid desks, chairs, or shelves that are large, and go for furniture with sleek designs. This will make your space feel more open and airy while making it easier for you to fold up when you are done. When you are really squeezed in space, one of the most creative solutions is to invest in foldable desks and small ergonomically designed chairs.

5.   Play about with the colors and decorations

 You can never undermine the power of colors and decorations when creating a small home office. Some of the best ways to go about this are to:

  • Zone your work area with bright or metallic colors
  • Play around with shiny and captivating decorations such as small sculptures
  • Bring more shine using portraits, art pieces, or stylish wallpapers
  • Make use of carpets or rugs to make your workspace look bigger
  • Embrace the power of plants
  • Settle for furniture with elegant touches


There are many small home office ideas that you can implement if you want to have a stylish, functional, and productive workspace. We explore some of the most creative ideas that you can adopt when creating your remote workstation.

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